Tomorrow night at midnight (January 1st), two very limited new/old releases are going up on the bigcartel.

"Blanket Shores" 5.25" floppy disk
1. Blanket Shores
2. We’re Still Drifting (2012 ver.)
*includes digital download code

"Gloomer" CD-r
1. Woe Unto Us (Have A Nice Life)
2. Being A Teenager And The Awkwardness Of Backseat Sex (Planning For Burial)
3. Love Will Tear Us Apart (Joy Division)
4. Little Fury Things (Dinosaur Jr.)
5. Oh Righteous One (Bad Braids)
6. Coffee And The Music Industry (Dead Ringer)
7. Speak (N.T.T. FUCKS)

Both limited to 10 copies. These releases will be ready to ship right away and are not preorders.

2 years ago
  1. elagabalus said: ORITE. Can I like, post pics of the cover for blanket shores?
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